Conexum - Who we are


Our Philosophy

We pursue continuous improvement with the ultimate goal of providing excellence to our clients through our collaborators and a large ecosystem that we have been developing since our founding.

We believe that through knowledge, the human being can be free and independent. We promote a business culture in which we encourage our employees to grow both personally and professionally.

As a company, we seek to achieve individual, group and business satisfaction and fulfillment for our staff, clients and the community that surrounds us. We provide tools and create challenges to constantly motivate our team. We are committed to creating spaces for each member to innovate and be disruptive in their area, firmly demonstrating that we value and reward the sense of belonging.


Points of Presence: 19 (Projected expansion by 2022)
  • Nicaragua (Q1 2022)
  • Honduras (Q1 2022)
  • Bolivia (Q1 2022)
  • Guatemala (Q2 2022)
  • Salvador (Q2 2022)


Points of Presence: 14
  • OrbitalBase, a new spin-off, is live from Lima, Perú & Quito Ecuador. Providing the best spots to link satellite constellations with the earth.
  • We started operations in Santiago de Chile, Chile
  • We started operations in Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • We started operations in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • We started operations in Fortaleza, Brazil


Points of Presence: 10
  • We started to provide services from our POP in the NAP of the Americas (NOTA), the Internet gateway from Latin America to the World.
  • We expanded our operation in Panama City, Panama.
  • We began operations in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • We began operations in Guadalajara, Mexico.


Points of Presence: 8
  • We started operations in Bogotá, Colombia.
  • We started operations in Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • We started operations in Quito, Ecuador.


Points of Presence: 4
  • We began operations in Mexico City.
  • We began operations in Lima, Perú.


Points of Presence: 2
  • Conexum Inc. was born. We began operations from the US.
  • Conexum Inc. acquires IPXON Networks, a web hosting company with operations in Argentina and Panama.
  • Emiliano Gonzalez joins as CTO.
  • We launched SmartPBX VOIP Services.
  • Our Presence platform was born, we started offering cloud, bare-metal and connectivity services in a standardized way in Latin America.

Our companies

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Our mission

Provide technological resources with high added value to operate projects in Latin America, promoting innovation, development and sustainability.

Support mission critical operations to guarantee the continuity and proper functioning of the information systems in the region.

Optimize technological resources of our clients, while also providing them with access to a local diagnostic and support agents.

Our values


Anticipating and adapting to change is crucial. Understanding global needs and problems before they happen is key for Conexum. Innovation is in our DNA.

Human team

We would be nothing without the people who contribute their energy, knowledge, creativity and value to each solution in an honest and responsible way. Our company is built around our guarantee of a pleasant work environment, where our work team is happy and where we invest in providing ongoing training to each of our employees.


Data is the most precious thing in a company and we are committed to supporting each client, working to understand their business to protect and secure their information while maintaining the continuity of their operations under any circumstance.


We strongly believe in freedom of expression. Knowledge is freedom and therefore must be freely accessible. We support Open Source projects and base 99% of our infrastructure on them. We speak out against and say no to everything that damages the values of life, ethics and morals above all things.


We provide high value-added solutions, which requires us to immerse ourselves in all of our clients’ businesses, understanding from the core what drives each project. The trust our clients place in us is one of our most cherished values and we make sure to dedicate all of our resources to protecting their privacy.


Technologies have helped humanity to be more efficient and use fewer resources on a planet of 8 billion people, and this journey has only just begun. We are strongly committed to providing knowledge and infrastructure for entrepreneurial ecosystems that support the creation of disruptive systems, helping people to be more efficient and make better use of resources.